Reviewing the Data: A Year In #CogoLife

The past year was a busy one for the crew at Cogo. In the last twelve months we welcomed 13 interns and 21 new full-time hires. Amongst our newer Cogonauts we have:

  • someone who's been bitten by a lion;
  • someone who lived in a monastery; and
  • someone who received a piggyback ride from Taylor Swift.


Hanging outside during a fire drill (source: Cogo Instagram)

We have piano players, guitarists, members of alt-rock, jazz, and punk bands, a capella and k-pop singers. We have someone who's raised endangered turtles and someone who designs tessellation origami. Even as we've grown, we've managed to stay as varied and interesting a collection of individuals as you're ever likely to find. 


The Cogo House Band (source: Cogo Flickr)

Over the past year we've discovered that the team at Cogo is competitive...really competitive. We’ve played countless games of Codenames and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. We challenged each other to see who could do the most push-ups in a minute, who could hold the longest plank, and who could run the fastest 100-yard dash.


The final moments of the plank contest (source: Cogo Twitter)


Settling a bit with a 100 meter dash in December (source: Cogo Instagram)

We ran marathons, Tough Mudders, 5Ks, and even a few triathalons. We made our March Madness brackets and are still going strong on Fantasy Football. We had ugly sweater contests, used the power of selfies to take each other out in Assassins, and ran a top secret puzzle-solving competition called Cogonundrum. We loved cheering each other on all year long and have had way too much fun representing Team Cogo!


Pizza Day swarm (source: Cogo Instagram)

We also learned that all that competition can really work up an appetite. We put away 20 orders of truffle fries in one sitting at Lord Hobo. We've placed over 1,000 lunch orders at Bon Me. We’ve tried everything on the menu at Smoke Shop, still can’t get enough fried chicken at State Park, and have welcomed back our neighbors at Flat Top Johnny’s, BeanTowne, Belly, and Blue Room with open arms. We tried 10 different kinds of candy corn at Cogo’s Candy-Corn-a-Palooza and swapped 13 kinds of cookies at our holiday baking party. We’ve washed all this down with a whopping 14,544 cans of Polar Seltzer. Yes, we did the math and yes, we’re still waiting on our sponsorship phone call. #raspberrylime4lyfe


Drinks at Lord Hobo (source: Cogo Instagram)

It’s definitely been a year to remember and I can’t finish this retrospective without reliving my own most memorable moment of 2016: The Prank to End All Pranks. Little did I know that as I was relaxing on a week-long vacation, the scene was being set and I was about to return to an office covered with an unbelievable mix of 1000 square feet of aluminum foil, 7 cubic feet of packing peanuts, 293 plastic spiders, 2 security cameras, and 1 well placed airhorn. I am still trying to process everything that happened that day and still trying to clean up the last of the packing peanuts.

Here’s to the next year – may it be full of exciting new seltzer flavors, breaking our race PRs, and having even more fun with the amazing team we get to work with every day! Cheers!


This could be you! (source: Cogo Instagram)

Next year we want to be talking about how glad we are to have YOU as part of the Cogo team. Check out our careers page and get in touch! Let's make it happen.