Cogo Labs Launches Official Open Source GitHub Repository

Cogo Labs is excited to announce the launch of our official GitHub repository.

"Open source has dramatically changed the way that engineering is done, particularly for startups," says Jay Artz, Cogo's SVP of Engineering. "In the past every company would have their own software that they would build and manage and maintain. For a large percentage of those use cases you're now able to assemble open source components that will work together, enabling you to accomplish your ultimate goal. Open source allows you to move from building the blocks to using the blocks to create the application you need."

open souce logo

"Open source is like your friend sharing their Legos with you, but at a global, massive, distributed scale," says Joe Presbrey, Chief Engineer. "With access to all these powerful pieces of technology you can make anything you want, which has really empowered entrepreneurship at Cogo Labs."

Some of the open source tools currently in use at Cogo Labs include Docker, Go, Spark, MapReduce, Hadoop, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and a number of Python libraries.

Cogo's approach to solving technical problems is to build modular pieces and assemble them into an over-all process that is highly-available, robust, and sustainable. "Some of the pieces of that system are open source, and some are built by us," says Artz. "We like to build small, focused services that provide a very clean interface to others who want to use that service, because it ensures a high degree of both maintainability and reusability."

"Open source is where the newest, most ingenius technologies and innovations are launched," adds Presbrey. "You're constantly exposed to the best standards for quality, the latest versions of tools, and you're able to continually learn and grow as an engineer. And beyond the tech there's a lot of human-to-human supporting happening in the community, which Cogo and the startups incubated on our platform, have really benefitted from. We're so excited to be able to contribute back to the community and potentially give other startups out there a leap forward."

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One of the projects being released today is a boilerplate code generater, written by Senior Software Engineer Connor Taylor. "The open source community is a big part of what has allowed me to get where I am in my career today. I wouldn't have had the resources required to learn all the things I have without open source, and definitely not as effectively. It's so valuable to be able to learn directly from the source code. I've always relied on the internet for the answers to my questions, so being able to give back as a developer, not just by answering a question but by providing a solution, is really rewarding and exciting for me."

Another project, a tool for rebooting a server via Slack, was inspired by the culture of Cogo Labs. "There were a few times where I was hanging out at Lord Hobo or State Park after work, and suddenly I'd get an alert that a server needed to be restarted. So I'd have to go back to the office and miss out on the fun. It was our impending annual summer cruise that really worried me - what would I do if something happened while we were out on the boat? That's when I sat down and wrote this tool, so now I can just reboot the servers anywhere from my phone, via Slack. And luckily nothing ended up happening on the cruise, but it's great to feel prepared."

worry free sailing on the boat

Worry-free sailing on the Cogo cruise

The projects being open sourced today are a fairly small sample of the things we've developed here, but they'll give anyone interested in engineering at Cogo a sense of the types of things we do - from networking to web development, to Go & Python, to Javascript and APIs.

"We build some great tools here, and it's so rewarding to be able to share some of that world and show the community what we've been working on," Taylor says.

Cogo is very excited to release these projects and we look forward to adding more to our portfolio in the future. If you're curious to learn more about coding and development at Cogo Labs, read this profile of our engineering culture, or check out the engineering jobs available across the incubator.