EverQuote Launches EverDrive with a Safe Driving Contest

We’re happy to congratulate our friends at EverQuote on the successful launch of EverDrive™, a free safe driving app.

ed_screenshot.pngEverDrive, which is available for download in the Apple App Store or on Google Play, runs in the background on your IOS or Android phone and monitors your driving behaviors, like acceleration, turning, braking speed and phone distraction. At the end of each trip, you are rated on a five-star scale and given an overall two-week driving rating. ‘EverDrivers’, as they are known, are able to compare their performance against each other on interactive leaderboards, and can challenge friends and family or see how they stack up against the general population.

EverQuote got started at Cogo Labs in 2011, and they’ve grown to be the leading online auto insurance marketplace in the U.S. EverDrive was born out of a desire, in the words of EverQuote CTO Tomas Revesz, “to provide an engaging experience that ultimately results in lower premiums and savings opportunities for consumers.” EverQuote hopes to encourage millions of drivers to be safer behind the wheel, which will in turn decrease the amount of auto accidents on our local highways.

To create EverDrive, EverQuote partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics, a software company that creates advanced mobile technology to help people be better drivers. We wish our friends the best of luck in this cool new endeavor and would encourage everyone to download EverDrive today. It’s available here for iPhone users and here for Android phone users.