Challenging Ourselves to Have the Best Summer Ever: The Cogolympics

This summer was an extremely busy and fun time at Cogo. We sang live band karaoke on a harbor cruise, held a talent show that featured an intern playing two recorders through their nose, had a full week of health and exercise during Wellness Week (followed quickly by an ice cream social), kayaked on the Charles, and mixed the perfect daiquiri at our tiki-themed women's night outing. We some actual work done, too.

But we can't let the summer pass without walking you through the glory and majesty that was our big, summer-long event: Cogolympics.

We had a lot of new faces join us at the beginning of the summer, in addition to 13 (!) interns. We developed Cogolympics as a way to get people away from their laptops, meeting and interacting with people on other teams, and having a weird and fun and high-energy end to each week over the summer.

Recent News from the Incubator and Beyond

We're still recovering from our annual Boston harbor cruise last week (pics forthcoming, rest assured) so in the meantime we thought we'd catch you up on some Cogo stuff that's been happening elsewhere around the web.

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Spring Hackathon Report

One day this past winter, I was talking with my manager about some ideas for side projects I'd come up with but hadn't been able to make time to actually work on. It's often like this in engineering-there are the ideas you hope to work on, and the ideas you need to work on. In the course of this conversation we realized it had been a few months since we'd held a hackathon, and with spring approaching we thought it would be a great opportunity to devote some time to working on fun side projects.