Cogo Labs Launches Official Open Source GitHub Repository

Cogo Labs is excited to announce the launch of our official GitHub repository.

"Open source has dramatically changed the way that engineering is done, particularly for startups," says Jay Artz, Cogo's SVP of Engineering. "In the past every company would have their own software that they would build and manage and maintain. For a large percentage of those use cases you're now able to assemble open source components that will work together, enabling you to accomplish your ultimate goal. Open source allows you to move from building the blocks to using the blocks to create the application you need."

Life At Cogo - Instagram Highlights

Every day at Cogo is filled with weird & wonderful surprises. In order to capture the daily randomness and give people outside the incubator a better sense of what life here is like, we take turns with the Cogo Instagram, giving it to different people each week, so they can capture whatever interesting things happen to catch their eye as they do...whatever else it is they do here. You wouldn't get a strong sense of it from looking at our Insta, but actual work does get done here, we promise.

Here are a few recent Life @ Cogo updates that you're missing if haven't been following along on our Instagram.

Incubating at Cogo: Launching Your Product

Contrast, the business my team and I are incubating at Cogo, recently launched our first substantial product: SmartSavings. SmartSavings helps people new to budgeting set a weekly budget and stick to it by connecting their accounts and providing insights into their saving and spending activity throughout the week. Our user acquisition metrics are promising, we’re cash-flow positive, and we have lots of great ideas to make it even better. This is the story of how we got here, and what it takes to launch a product the Cogo way.

Mira Wilczek Named President & CEO of Cogo Labs

We are excited to announce that Mira Wilczek has been named the new President & CEO of Cogo Labs. Dave Blundin, Cogo's previous CEO, will stay on as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Wilczek will also continue her role as Senior Partner at Cogo's parent company, Link Ventures.

"Mira embodies all the traits that we seek at Cogo - smart, technical, enthusiastic, practical, organized," Dave said in his announcement to the company. "Most importantly, our ever-expanding ecosphere of constituents--our dozen CEOs and aspiring CEOs, our co-investors, our senior mangers, our friends outside the building--all trust her and believe in her. This makes Mira the perfect embodiment of our Cogo values and our ideal leader."