5 Things To Do Before You Attend A Career Fair

It’s that time of year again…school is back in session. The oppressive heat of summer has been replaced with…the oppressive heat of fall.  #PSL is in the air, the lattes, and literally everything else you can possibly ingest. That means it’s time for FALL CAREER FAIR SEASON! We thought we’d share a few simple things you can do to prepare and make the most of your experience when we visit you on campus this fall.

What Our Interns Did On Their Summer Vacation

With September fast approaching, the interns have recently completed their time here at Cogo. They've finished up their projects and said their goodbyes. We've cleaned out their desks, but we're still mopping up our tears. 😭

As we explained previously, our summer internship program is a unique experience - we organize our interns into two self-managing teams and engage them in a friendly competition to build an online business over the summer.

Now that they're transitioning out of our orbits (we hope only temporarily!) we thought we'd conclude this summer chapter by having them tell you in their own words what their summer at Cogo was really like.