Summer Internships at Cogo Labs

Summer means many things at Cogo Labs. Ice cream socials! Hanging out on a boat! Cornhole! Dogs! But honestly the coolest thing about Cogo Labs in the summer is the presence of our SUMMER INTERNS.

Our summer internship program is very different from those at other tech companies. No fetching coffee. No pointless side projects. No summers spent making tiny incremental improvements to antiquated legacy systems.

At Cogo, our summer interns do exactly what we do all the time here: build online businesses from scratch.

To succeed at Cogo, our employees need to be very technical, highly analytical, collaborative, and entrepreneurial. In order to attract students who fit that profile, we knew we needed to create something different. Not just a job, but an EXPERIENCE—something that stood far apart from other opportunities. We wanted to design a program that gave entrepreneurial designers, engineers, and data analysts an opportunity to experience what it’s like in our unique startup environment. But more than that, we strongly believe that there is no better place to grow careers and ideas than at Cogo Labs.

We wanted to show interns how much they can achieve, how much they can build, how far they can go, given the right environment, tools, and support.

And then we thought: What if we just hire smart people, give them a problem to solve, and stay out of their way?

And thus, the Cogo Summer Internship Program was born, and lo, it was good.


Every summer at Cogo, we put a group of students together--teams of engineers, analysts, and designers--give them a topic, and let them figure out how to turn their idea into a successful web business.

But to make it even more fun and interesting, we hire two teams of interns, and engage them in a little friendly competition against each other, to see who can build the more successful business.

We give our interns a basic outline--some metrics by which to measure their success. They get Github credentials, access to our proprietary technologies, and the opportunity to interact with some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds ever assembled under one roof. The rest is up to them.

Each team works with a set of mentors, many of whom are Cogo employees who participated in our internship program as undergrads. The mentors help the interns learn the ropes and strategize how to approach (and win!) the competition. In return, the mentors benefit by developing management and leadership skills that will be very important to their ongoing success at Cogo.

Every June, our offices start buzzing with new energy as the interns arrive. We’re so proud of what we’ve created here, and so excited to have new people to show it off to.

It’s a big learning curve at first, but our interns quickly find their footing, and competition really heats up as the summer draws to a close. It’s a lot of fun--our interns learn a lot about what it takes to ideate and build a success online business. And every year our interns end up teaching us a TON, providing all kinds of useful insights and learnings that will fuel our ongoing work.

In past summers, competition topics have included horoscopes, social virality, and celebrity news. In the process of building their businesses, our interns have created websites, Twitter bots, iOS apps, and even online games.

The topic they’ve been given to work with this year is POLITICS, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things our interns decide to build.

For more information, visit the Internships section of our website. Sign up to be notified when we start hiring our interns for next summer!