Mira Wilczek Named President & CEO of Cogo Labs

We are excited to announce that Mira Wilczek has been named the new President & CEO of Cogo Labs. Dave Blundin, Cogo's previous CEO, will stay on as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Wilczek will also continue her role as Senior Partner at Cogo's parent company, Link Ventures.

"Mira embodies all the traits that we seek at Cogo - smart, technical, enthusiastic, practical, organized," Dave said in his announcement to the company. "Most importantly, our ever-expanding ecosphere of constituents--our dozen CEOs and aspiring CEOs, our co-investors, our senior mangers, our friends outside the building--all trust her and believe in her. This makes Mira the perfect embodiment of our Cogo values and our ideal leader."

Incubating at Cogo: Finding the Right Fit

One question we hear a lot in interviews is “Where do the ideas for new businesses come from?” And the easy and short answer is “From our employees.” The reality is a little more complicated than that, of course. Starting a business, at Cogo or anywhere else, is a lot of hard work, and we don’t always get things right on the first try.