Cogo's First Internal Hackathon

Hackathons are a great way to foster collaboration among your teammates and give people the chance to learn something new. Recently, my team at Minerva Analytics—an early stage vertical at Cogo—decided to hold a hackathon to achieve just that.

There’s a wide range of coding ability on our team. Some of us studied Computer Science in school, some picked up coding skills on their own, and some started learning as part of their on-boarding process when they arrived at Cogo. One of our team’s core values is to try to learn something new every day, so we wanted learning to be the primary focus for this event.

Cogo Labs Community & Office Tour

In the same way that we sit through spring in New England dreaming of summer (perhaps to validate why we trekked so hard to make it through the winter...), those of us at Cogo Labs have been long awaiting more than just the sunshine and warm weather. Things have finally come into full bloom in our orbit and we want to share the buzz with the rest of the world. We recently completed an expansion of our offices, doubling our footprint in One Kendall Square. Now that it’s finally nice out, we thought we should open the blinds, let the sunlight in, and show you how it looks!