Life At Cogo - Instagram Highlights

Every day at Cogo is filled with weird & wonderful surprises. In order to capture the daily randomness and give people outside the incubator a better sense of what life here is like, we take turns with the Cogo Instagram, giving it to different people each week, so they can capture whatever interesting things happen to catch their eye as they do...whatever else it is they do here. You wouldn't get a strong sense of it from looking at our Insta, but actual work does get done here, we promise.

Here are a few recent Life @ Cogo updates that you're missing if haven't been following along on our Instagram.

How Cogo Labs Supports Women In Tech

Once a month, Cogo hosts a “Women’s Dinner” in order to foster an environment where all its female employees can come together to connect about work, tech, and just life in general. We’ve had many delicious dinners at popular Cambridge restaurants – along with other activities such as kayaking on the Charles River, creating floral arrangements with the founder of woman-owned business Alice’s Table, an in-office Paint Nite, and volunteering for Rosie’s Place.

Reviewing the Data: A Year In #CogoLife

The past year was a busy one for the crew at Cogo. In the last twelve months we welcomed 13 interns and 21 new full-time hires. Amongst our newer Cogonauts we have:

  • someone who's been bitten by a lion;
  • someone who lived in a monastery; and
  • someone who received a piggyback ride from Taylor Swift.