Spring Hackathon Report

One day this past winter, I was talking with my manager about some ideas for side projects I'd come up with but hadn't been able to make time to actually work on. It's often like this in engineering-there are the ideas you hope to work on, and the ideas you need to work on. In the course of this conversation we realized it had been a few months since we'd held a hackathon, and with spring approaching we thought it would be a great opportunity to devote some time to working on fun side projects.

Cogo Labs Launches Official Open Source GitHub Repository

Cogo Labs is excited to announce the launch of our official GitHub repository.

"Open source has dramatically changed the way that engineering is done, particularly for startups," says Jay Artz, Cogo's SVP of Engineering. "In the past every company would have their own software that they would build and manage and maintain. For a large percentage of those use cases you're now able to assemble open source components that will work together, enabling you to accomplish your ultimate goal. Open source allows you to move from building the blocks to using the blocks to create the application you need."

Know the Business: Entrepreneurial Engineering Culture at Cogo Labs

Engineering at Cogo Labs is different. Our Engineers are directly involved in business decisions—working with product owners to identify, analyze and solve technical challenges that have a direct impact on the bottom line of the projects in our incubator. In this interview, our CTO Jonathan Shapiro explains our tech and describes the the entrepreneurial skills of our Engineering team.

Cogo's First Internal Hackathon

Hackathons are a great way to foster collaboration among your teammates and give people the chance to learn something new. Recently, my team at Minerva Analytics—an early stage vertical at Cogo—decided to hold a hackathon to achieve just that.

There’s a wide range of coding ability on our team. Some of us studied Computer Science in school, some picked up coding skills on their own, and some started learning as part of their on-boarding process when they arrived at Cogo. One of our team’s core values is to try to learn something new every day, so we wanted learning to be the primary focus for this event.