Know the Business: Entrepreneurial Engineering Culture at Cogo Labs

Engineering at Cogo Labs is different. Our Engineers are directly involved in business decisions—working with product owners to identify, analyze and solve technical challenges that have a direct impact on the bottom line of the projects in our incubator. In this interview, our CTO Jonathan Shapiro explains our tech and describes the the entrepreneurial skills of our Engineering team.

Cogo's First Internal Hackathon

Hackathons are a great way to foster collaboration among your teammates and give people the chance to learn something new. Recently, my team at Minerva Analytics—an early stage vertical at Cogo—decided to hold a hackathon to achieve just that.

There’s a wide range of coding ability on our team. Some of us studied Computer Science in school, some picked up coding skills on their own, and some started learning as part of their on-boarding process when they arrived at Cogo. One of our team’s core values is to try to learn something new every day, so we wanted learning to be the primary focus for this event.

Data Analysis Tools at Cogo Labs

When creating the next web businesses at Cogo Labs, Analysts are often the project pioneers. When we have new ideas we want to explore, we need to get a working version up as quickly as possible so that it can be evaluated more effectively.

How to Write Better CSS for Teams

In the Cogo Labs incubator, there are always a number of different startup companies (and ideas for startup companies) at various stages of development. Almost all of those projects require a web presence of some sort. It might be a small, one-page site, or it might be a complex, JavaScript-driven web app. Either way, we use CSS a lot, and it’s vital to our fast-paced workflow that our CSS be as lean and efficient as possible, so that everyone on the team can understand at a glance what each line of code does.