Our interns are pursuing some of the most innovative intern projects in Cogo history. We’ll be highlighting the projects, the intern experience, and the Interns that make these initiatives possible. Learn more about what Interns, Eddie Gathuru, and Ellie Rabenold are working on this semester at Cogo!

Where do you go to school and what’s your major?

“MIT – Computer Science and Engineering” – Eddie

“MIT – Electrical engineering and computer science” - Ellie

What year are you?

“Class of 2022 – Junior” – Eddie

“Class of 2023 - Sophomore 2023” - Ellie

Where are you from?

“Dallas, Texas” – Eddy

“Cincinnati, Ohio” -Ellie

Describe the current project you’re working on at Cogo.

“We’re on the public markets team – We’re looking at the financial data of companies trading on the public market and figuring out how their health is determined by things that Cogo has data on”. -Eddie

“We’re trying to use that data and the factors we determine to build a model to apply to other companies down the line for investing. When we invest in those companies, we want to see if those factors that we determined have an impact and spark growth for the company”.  -Ellie

What do you like the most about interning at Cogo?

“I think my favorite part of Cogo is how supportive everyone is. Everything is very new to me and each time I look at something new, I have to learn something new. I didn’t know SQL or Quake before this internship. I can always reach out to people, like Manager, Analytics, Devon Ramsey, who has been really helpful during my internship. People at Cogo in general are really helpful.” -Eddie

“I like how free flowing our project is. It’s kind of all in our hands to work on. I’ve never had an internship like this. Guiding ourselves has allowed me to learn so many new and different things to guide my own learning. I like the workplace culture, even remotely. Everybody is easy going, super hardworking, and creative. It seems like a great work environment. I really like the team environment – working with three other MIT students that I’ve never met at school. I’ve been able to meet cool people here.” - Ellie

What’s a skill you’ve learned at Cogo you’ll bring with you to your next internship or full-time role?

“Having the experience of writing a 6 pager document and using SQL. I’ve learned a lot just from handling the data and using those tools. Additionally, project management tools that I’ve gained familiarity with this semester I’ll bring to my next role.” -Eddie

“Project management has been a big new skill, because our project was really open-ended at the beginning. The project felt really nebulous at the beginning, but with lots of communicating and coordinating we were able to figure out the step-by-step process to achieve the things we needed to do to accomplish our goals.” -Ellie

Advice for students looking to intern in the future?

“I’d say it’s okay to be a little uncomfortable about not fully knowing the scope of the project or having the details laid out in the beginning.” -Eddie

“Go with the flow and take everything as a learning opportunity, it’s totally okay to lean on your teammates or manager for support. Solve group problems as a group.” -Ellie

How would you describe interning at Cogo in one word?

Self-directed – It’s really is up to us to set the scope of our project and outline how things are going. That’s a really big part of it, making smart decisions about what you’re capable of doing in a time period.” -Eddie

Fun – Because it’s an interesting project and I’ve learned a lot.” -Ellie


Favorite show on Netflix right now?

“Star trek: Deep Space 9” -Eddie

“Death Note” -Ellie

Favorite thing to do in Boston?

“I really like to go on walks, especially along the Charles River. Usually for practical things, but just for fun too.” -Eddie

“Walking the esplanade or biking through the city. I like the adrenaline of weaving through cars.” -Ellie

Favorite part of working remotely?

“The more flexible schedule. My schedule is unusual now that I’m at home but having a lot of flexibility is really helpful.” -Eddie

“I second the benefit of flexibility.” -Ellie

Favorite app currently (for your phone)?

“Fireroad, it’s an MIT App we use to outline our course load each semester. I also like using Firefox  Focus, it only allows you to have one tab open at a time.”

“Reddit.” -Ellie

We look forward to our next class of interns at Cogo and we're grateful for all the work our interns have done this semester!