Our interns are pursuing some of the most innovative intern projects in Cogo history. We’ll be highlighting the projects, the intern experience, and the Interns that make these initiatives possible. Learn more about Intern, Kelly He, on what her internship experience at Cogo is like so far!

Cogo Intern, Kelly He

Where do you go to school and what’s your major?

“MIT – I major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.”

What year are you?
“I’m a Junior – Class of 2022.”

Where are you from?

“South Jersey.”

Describe the current project you’re working on at Cogo.

“We’re looking into potential companies to invest in based on past trends of successful companies. Every day I meet with my intern team. There are four of us on my team and we have a standup every day. We work on each of our components individually and we come back together and merge all of our ideas. I work more on the software engineering side of things, although it’s not too much of a different from the analyst interns since -we’re all trying to find similar patterns and get as much information out of the data that we have.”

What do you like the most about interning at Cogo?

“I definitely like the people that I’m working with and that everyone at Cogo, not just the interns or my immediate team are super friendly. I go into the office and it’s cool to talk to people here and everyone is super friendly.”

What’s a skill you’ve learned at Cogo you’ll bring with you to your next internship or full-time role?

“I think I’ve learned a lot about determining the direction of my own project. The project we’re working on is defined clearly but the process isn’t super defined, so I like that we have to problem solve that process. I like being able to define the process that we want to take to get to our goal.”

Advice for students looking to intern in the future?

“I think the biggest advice would be make sure you’re working on something you enjoy and believe in, and you’re working in an environment that you’re happy in.”

How would you describe interning at Cogo in one word?


Playing Favorites:

Favorite show on Netflix right now?

“Queens Gambit.”

Favorite thing to do in Boston (Pre-COVID & During COVID)?

Pre-COVID: “It was going kayaking on the Charles with the people on my floor in my dorm.”

Post-COVID: “Playing ‘Among Us’.”

Favorite part of working remotely?

“Not having to commute into the office – it saves a lot of time.”

Favorite app currently (for your phone)?

“Bloons mobile app. I had to put a timer on my phone to limit myself to two hours a day. It’s super nostalgic.”