The mission of Cogo Spectra, our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group has always been to; "foster an inclusive environment of affirmation through acts
of service, community events, recruiting outreach, and active dialogue about the unique challenges facing LGBTQ+ people in the workplace." As our definitions of workplaces have been transformed into living rooms, dining room tables, and occasionally our bed (shh..), we've been working hard to maintain an inclusive environment despite so many variables to our normal office.

Our theme for Pride Month this year has been impact vs intention. Our LGBTQ+ group set up a donation match program, raising over $2,500 for four LGBTQ non-profit organizations (The Trans Justice Funding Project, The Center for Black Equity, True Colors United, and The Trevor Project) already.

We opened up the dialogue to allow Cogo colleagues in the LGBTQ+ community to talk about what it's been like to be Out while in quarantine and staying at home.

With a strong ally community at Cogo we also asked Cogonauts how they step up as allies how their ally-ship has impacted their own lives. Read some of their responses below.

To join an organization with an emphasize on ally-ship, inclusion, and embracing diversity, click the link below to learn more about our open roles!

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