Last week, we hosted our monthly “Accelerate Your Career” event. Chief Network Officer, and SVP of Corporate Development, John Werner, started this series with spotlight partner, MIT Angels in order to accelerate growth and careers. This month, our spotlight partner was Dartmouth College, to bring a diverse panel of speakers, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs to our space. With over 150 people in attendance, drinks, food, and Magician, Adam Wilbur, (who's fooled Penn & Teller), this event served as a unique gathering for internal and external people to help accelerate their careers. This series celebrates some of the best in the tech and startup space and we're excited to continue to feature many other partners that are already in the works!

Dartmouth Alumni, panelists and speakers.

This event is part of a series of "Accelerate Your Career" events, that are all about gaining frontline insights, for mentors and mentees, that can accelerate you to the next level of your career. We mixed in some stimulating entertainment, and great networking activities to make this an insightful, inspiring and fun way to spend several hours of what would have otherwise been a regular weeknight evening. Infinite Canvas also attended to capture the event and make a sizzle reel and record the Accelerate Your Career “TED” talks.

The evening started with a live bagpipe performance played by Software Engineer and AI expert, Kirk Brunson (our musician in residence) and a roundtable networking activity engaging mentees with self-identified mentors in the room.

Sizzle video from the event

The Schedule of the night was as follows;
Networking, Live Music Kick-off from Kirk Brunson, Bagpiper Welcome & Orientation to AYC Accelerator Your Career Fun Activity Accelerate Your Career Talks: Adam Medros D'96; Laura Rippy D’89; Sam Zales D’86 Observations by Dave Blundin & Mira Wilczek Adam Wilber, Magician who Fooled Penn & Teller Cogo Panel: John McGeachie D’88 + John Roland D’11+ Deirdre Lambert D’15 + Daniel Delgado Roybal T’18 Brendan Mahoney D’12 (CEO, Minerva Analytics) More Networking with Special Ice Cream from Tracy Kim Horn D’02

Kirk Brunson performing on the bagpipes

Following the networking portion, thought-leaders and notable Dartmouth alumni gave talks about how to accelerate your career and their best advice for early-career entrepreneurs. We welcomed everyone from recent graduates and alumni to CEOs, all feeling like they benefited from the event.

Mentor and Mentee roundtable discussion

Adam Medros, COO, EDx & formerly SVP, TripAdvisor, spoke about "always say[ing] yes to opportunities and work[ing] with really smart and interesting people early on in your career". He advised that early-career entrepreneurs should "always aspire to be like someone else that they work with or know." He explained that,
"I tried to figure out how inspirational people at my company got into the role they're in and I put myself in the orbit of those people that I wanted to emulate."

Laura Rippy, (Managing Director, Green D fund), outlined her impressive career journey and advised anyone early in their career to "Be brave. Bravery in your career is a practice that takes time to master".

The last "Ted Talk" speaker of the night was Sam Zales, COO of Car Gurus. Sam stressed the value that networking has played in his own career and how entrepreneurs can leverage networking to be successful.

"You can never do too much networking. It’s about you helping other people in the same way that other people helped you. The circle goes around and around" -Sam Zales

After our "Ted Talk" style speakers concluded, our CEO and President, Mira Wilczek and Chairman and Cofounder, Dave Blundin gave closing observations. Dave and Mira elaborated on how Cogo Labs equips entrepreneurial-minded people to succeed early on and support you at every stage of you career.

Mira Wilczek, CEO and President of Cogo Labs and Dave Blundin, Chairman & Co-Founder of Cogo Labs.

After their closing remarks, Dave and Mira were followed by a panel of Cogo leaders and Dartmouth alumni. John McGeachie, Chief Strategy Officer & SVP, Business Operations at Cogo, facilitated the panel with Deirdre Lambert (Senior Analyst at Cogo), John Roland (Vice President of Venture Development at Cogo), and Daniel Delgado Roybal (Senior Analyst at Cogo).

Daniel Delgado Roybal (Senior Analyst at Cogo), Deirdre Lambert (Senior Analyst at Cogo), and John Roland (Vice President of Venture Development at Cogo)

The night concluded with a talk by Minerva President and CEO, Brendan Mahoney, who illustrated the story of how Minerva came into fruition and 3 tricks for thinking different and approaching problems.

Brendan Mahoney, CEO and President of Minerva Analytics

The night concluded with lots of food, networking and ice cream brought by a Dartmouth alum and owner of the Parfait food truck.

If you're interested in joining our next "Accelerate You Career" series event, or want to join Cogo and accelerate your own career, click on the link to learn more!