What makes a company a good place to work? As an HR professional, this is a question I am constantly thinking about. Since starting as Cogo Labs’ HR Coordinator last year, I’ve learned that there are many factors which contribute to creating a balanced yet fulfilling work environment. Cogo strikes that balance perfectly by demonstrating a determination for transparency and hard work ethic with generous perks and a friendly, cooperative office atmosphere. A company doesn’t just generate a great culture like ours out of nowhere, though, so where does this energy come from? What makes a company look and feel the way Cogo does? Through my experience at Cogo I’ve identified three broad categories that make us such a great place to work: career growth, benefits & perks, and the people.

Career Growth Opportunities:

I’ve worked in several different industries, both non-profit and for-profit, and in multiple capacities since graduating college. In each role I held before joining Cogo, one thing was made very apparent - I wasn’t going to advance unless I took a job somewhere else. And that’s what I did. Once I hit the ceiling of opportunity in one position I sought out another one, until I found my way to Cogo Labs.

When I was hired here, I found that my previously held expectation of immobility was immediately dispelled. I was surrounded by people in the early stages of their careers who were leading projects, managing teams, and directing growth. This was in stark contrast to what I had experienced since diving into the workforce.

According to a study from the Harvard Business Review, the average age of managers in the US is close to 42, but at Cogo it’s 31; a decade younger than the majority. Our typical first-time manager is 26, five years younger than the national average. This is an amazing advantage to have, not only for individuals getting invaluable experience, but for Cogo which benefits from the diversity of thought and action that stems from fresh perspectives.

Perks & Benefits:

Career growth here is incredibly unique, but it’s not the only thing that makes our culture so vibrant. Our benefits and perks packages allow us to focus on our jobs by lifting the burden of some costs and stressors that usually get in the way.

Healthcare at Cogo is simple, cheap, and accessible. We offer excellent coverage with incredibly low employee contributions to help our employees save thousands of dollars a year in healthcare spending. With the added bonuses of free vision coverage and an optional Flex Spending Account, staying healthy is easy.

In addition to traditional benefit offerings, Cogo helps cover day-to-day costs including free commuting options. If someone takes the commuter rail from Beverly, the T from Southie, or drives from metro West, they don’t have to worry about budgeting for transportation. Cogo’s got them covered by providing one method of transportation as part of our benefits package.

These benefits also extend to wellness. Not only does Cogo offer regular group wellness activities for staff to participate in, including several employee-run outdoors/sports groups, we are also given a monthly reimbursement to help pay for gym memberships, ClassPass, or however we choose to stay active.

And if those perks weren’t good enough, Cogo also helps to cover the tab on the continuing education of its employees. If you’ve been working at Cogo for at least a year and want to take a course to sharpen your job skills, Cogo will reimburse you for the cost of that course once per year.


Whenever asked about what makes Cogo a great place to work, the first answer I always hear is “the people”. It’s hard to summarize the incredible group of people that make up Cogo Labs, but their energy is undeniable and functions as the fuel that makes this place so wonderful to work. This amiability is demonstrated by our leadership team whose approachability and transparency eliminates any sense of barrier between staff and management.

In my professional experience, the company culture of Cogo Labs is unique. Between career growth, benefits and perks, and the friendly and cooperative camaraderie of our employees, I am very lucky to work in a place that puts so much effort into making this such a great place to work.

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