We've heard that September is the second-best time of year for new routines and fresh beginnings. I sat down with Lauren Brown to talk about her own day-to-day routine as an Analyst here at Cogo. Lauren gives us all the details of a typical Monday from her quick commute to making the most of 1-on-1's with her manager. Enjoy!

Tell us about what your role is here at Cogo.

I started eight weeks ago as an Analyst and was excited to return after interning at Cogo last summer. I work for an analytics team nicknamed "The Narwhals." We help reach potential customers and also generate revenue to fund incubating companies and it's exciting to be a part of that.

Walk us through your day to day, from your morning routine to work schedule.

7:00 AM: I'm currently training for a 1/2 marathon, so I leave my apartment and run a loop around the Esplanade. It's easy because there are so many bridges where you can loop back around to where you started. If it's nice out, I bike to work using our free BlueBikes membership, but if it's not, then I take the subway. It's about a 10-15 minute commute to get to work. Sometimes I stop at Starbucks, but for the most part, I stick with the free, delicious coffee we have in the office.

9:00 AM: I get to work and grab a yogurt and a granola bar from the kitchen. I then get a cold brew with oat milk from the tap downstairs.

9:10-9:30 AM: After getting back to my desk, I catch up on anything that I might have missed over the weekend and reacquaint myself with where I left off on Friday. I then check Slack and my email to make sure our project performance is as expected.
We use a portal to consolidate all of our data and metrics, so if something looks off, I'll investigate what could be causing that.

Something I love about my team at Cogo is our daily stand-ups. We have a team Slack channel where we post our to-do list for the day and cross out our accomplished tasks from the previous day. I update my Monday to-do list based off of what I finished last week. This process promotes transparency and also helps us get to know what our teammates are doing on a day to day basis. These posts help me get an idea of how I can help other people in their processes as well.

9:30-11:00 AM: This is when I'm working on my current projects that might be leftover from Friday. These projects can be a variety of different things, but I'm usually launching new tests or conducting research that could help improve performance. I help ensure our infrastructures are supported and updated for new projects. There's a solid foundation here at Cogo, so it's been a smooth transition to jump into the projects that I'm working on. Having Angel Jehng, a Senior Analyst on my team, as a resource has been fantastic for me.

I've enjoyed doing some research for the team, and seeing my statistics background utilized in my everyday work is gratifying. I've been looking into ways to better monitor and improve our performance using statistical analyses.

11:00-12:00 PM: I have my weekly meeting with our Business Development Team who manages relationships with partners outside of the incubator and relays that information to us. During these meetings, we usually update each other on the status of our current projects. It's a problem-solving time. We're testing out ways to improve the performance of projects and meet our partners' expectations.

12:00-12:30 PM: I have lunch with friends from other teams that I might not get to spend as much time with during the day. I make food from the kitchen usually, and my current go-to is toast or an English muffin and some mixed fruit or veggies with hummus. When it's nice out, we eat together outside at some of the cafe tables and get some fresh air. We then get another cup of coffee or a treat to kick off the afternoon.

12:30-2:00 PM: I use this time to make sure I'm working to improve or implement any changes discussed during my meeting with the Business Development team.

2:00-3:00 PM: I have my weekly 1-on-1 meeting with my manager, Senior Analyst, Keane Johnson, and I can speak directly with him about anything I want. He allows me to guide that conversation, which is nice. I can come to him with technical questions about projects I'm working on or more broad questions about how our projects are measuring up to our quarterly projections. The last few minutes are usually spent chatting about life in general and what we have going on personally. This time allows me to problem solve directly with Keane and put myself in a better position to efficiently manage up.

3:00-5:30 PM: I continue with any work that's been updated based on my 1-on-1 with my manager. Then I finish up any other work I want to get done and make sure that metrics are tracking well. Things that aren't as time pressing I work on during the afternoon. I often have time during this period of the day to arrange meetings as needed, as well. I leave the office around 5:30-5:45, take the T or bike home, and relax and hang out with my roommates.

Lauren with some fellow Summer '18 Interns

Any exciting plans on the horizon?

My family is coming to visit a lot this fall, which is really lovely. They're going to cheer me on while I'm running my half marathon with Cogo colleagues in November! I've never done a half marathon so it's refreshing to have a community at Cogo to push me out of my comfort zone.

Advice for someone starting the application/interview process for an Analyst position?

The most important thing is to let your curiosity guide your process. Come up with lots of questions and don't be afraid to not know something. During my interviewing experience at Cogo, the interviewers were so willing to answer my questions. Asking questions during the interview process helps inform your understanding of the company to see if Cogo is a good fit for you. It also shows that you've done your research.

Favorite part of the office culture at Cogo?

The people at Cogo. They always want to talk about what they do and help you learn. They paint a picture of what Cogo is and how we operate. Cogo provides a fantastic space to get to know cool people in the industry that you're interested in.

To apply for an Analyst position or any other role at Cogo, click the link below and start structuring your days like Lauren!

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