As January 1st provides us with the opportunity to implement New Year's resolutions, Earth Day grants us a similar occasion to reflect on how we can become more environmentally responsible.

Here at Cogo, we pride ourselves on being innovative and forward thinking. These values also apply to how we approach reducing our carbon footprint and creating a more environmentally friendly workplace. In this post we'll talk about some of the ways we're working towards becoming more sustainable each day.

  1. Vegetarian Options at lunch
Catered sushi lunch, including vegetarian rolls

Every Friday we have catered lunch in the Cogo office. Research shows that going vegetarian can save up to 150,000 gallons of water per person, per year. We cater to those who are vegetarian or just looking to reduce their meat consumption by always offering vegetarian or vegan options at lunch!

2. Bluebikes & Public Transportation passes

Cogo offers all of our employees complimentary Bluebikes memberships and free public transportation passes of their choice (ie; subway, commuter rail, bus). Since public transportation has been estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by 37 million metric tons annually, this is a great way for us to contribute to a greener planet.

Cogo Employees taking advantage of their Blue Bike Memberships

3. Compost!

On both floors of our office we have compost bins for any uneaten food. These compost bins couple nicely with our compostable utensils, plates, cups, and bowls too!

Our compostable bowls and plates
Our office compost bin

4. Shutting off lights

At Cogo, all of our lights are automatic, so when we all leave the office for the night we're not consuming any energy. Additionally, this serves as the easiest way for lights to be shut off when a conference room or office isn't being used.

5. Reusable cups, straws, and silverware in the office

With all of the swag we have to give employees, reusable mugs, cups, and tumblers are some office-wide favorites. With seltzer, kombucha, iced tea, and cold brew on tap here, it's hard not to find something to keep your cup half full!

Our very own Cogo mug juxtaposed with our taps

To come join our progressive, green company, check out all of our available positions here!