This summer was an extremely busy and fun time at Cogo. We sang live band karaoke on a harbor cruise, held a talent show that featured an intern playing two recorders through their nose, had a full week of health and exercise during Wellness Week (followed quickly by an ice cream social), kayaked on the Charles, and mixed the perfect daiquiri at our tiki-themed women's night outing. We some actual work done, too.

But we can't let the summer pass without walking you through the glory and majesty that was our big, summer-long event: Cogolympics.

We had a lot of new faces join us at the beginning of the summer, in addition to 13 (!) interns. We developed Cogolympics as a way to get people away from their laptops, meeting and interacting with people on other teams, and having a weird and fun and high-energy end to each week over the summer.

Cogo people demonstrating fun and high energy


The Set-Up

We were purposeful about mixing people up from different parts of the incubator - the idea was to get to know people outside your team, people you might know but not know well. The teams were about as cross-functional as possible, mixing data analysts with account managers with interns with execs with engineers.

There were six teams, denoted by color. It was up to them to define their names and identities. By the day of the first competition, the official team names were: One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eaters, Orange Is The New Gold, White Walkers, Slytherin? More Like SlytherWIN, Aqua Team Thunder Jorts, and The Rubber Duckies.

We did 8 weeks of challenges and kept a running score with updates every Friday afternoon on our NOC wall so teams could keep an eye on their progress. Here are some of the highlights.

Ready Spaghetti

Working in teams of two, team members had to transfer three empty soda cans from one stool to another and stack them in a pyramid using nothing but a piece of uncooked spaghetti held in their mouths - no hands! Team Orange Is The New Gold took this challenge with a finishing time of 38.48 seconds, which popped them up from 4th to 2nd place.

Orange is the New Gold team photo


Stack Attack

In this Week 4 challenge, teams had to stack 36 cups into a pyramid and then slide them back into a single stack in under a minute. If the tower fell, they had to start over again. This was definitely not as easy as Molly makes it look!

But despite her valiant efforts for Team Aqua Team Thunder Jorts, Orange Is The New Gold took this one, cementing them solidly in first place. BUT NOT FOR LONG...

Magic Carpet Ride

This week started off with a surprise announcement from our Head Gamemaker--all points were to be doubled. TWIST! This challenge ended up being the most ridiculous, and everyone's favorite by far. Teams did a three-person relay race sitting on upside-down bathmats, propelling themselves forward in an inchworm-style movement. Team Rubber Duckies took this one with a time of 1:31.36, bringing them from worst to first.

Cogo employees on a Magic Carpet Ride


Week 8: Medals!

On the final day, everyone showed up knowing their cumulative points and ready to collect their medals - but the Head Gamemaker was ready with another twist. In a surprise, last-minute challenge called Nervous Nelly, four people from each team were suited up with pedometers attached to their arms and legs and made to shake up as many steps as they could in 60 seconds. These numbers were totaled up and added to their score, making it literally anyone's game.

After all was said and done, we handed out some sweet custom medals.

The Cogolympics medals


The 3rd place bronze was handed to Slytherin? More Like SlytherWIN, 2nd place went to One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eaters, and taking home the gold was The White Walkers!

The winning teams


Cogolympics was a great way to build some bonds, share some laughs, make some memories, and release some tension over the summer. We'll definitely bring it back next year with Cogolympics 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Interested in joining the fun next summer? We're visiting campuses around the area this fall, and hiring new grads for full-time positions in engineering, data analysis, and design. Stop by one of our events or apply online!