Written by Alex McGeachie - People Ops Intern, Summer '18

Settling back into the school year after summer break, it seems as though I was constantly asked the same question – from friends, family, and even slightly known acquaintances – “how was your internship?” I found myself either giving a brief encompassing “great!” or talking someone’s ear off about how “I learned so much about recruiting, and you must try the Cobb salad at State Park, and everybody should apply here!”

To sum it up — Cogo is the best place to intern. This opinion comes in true data-driven Cogo-fashion (the term “data” being loosely interpreted here) with four reasons why this is true.

Unlimited Caffeination

It’s only right to start this list of why Cogo rocks with how I started each day (and spent the rest of my day) - with caffeine! One of the best, and also lifesaving, parts of my summer internship was the unlimited caffeination available just steps away from my desk. Anyone on my team can attest to the fact that I am pretty much addicted to caffeine. I wonder what gives it away… maybe it’s the constant shaking, or the ridiculous number of cups on my desk at all times. But honestly, how could you not be when there is cold brew and iced tea on tap—not to mention the extensive hot tea selection, espresso machine, AND touch screen coffee maker. It’s simply amazing.

The environment here is certainly fast-paced, and I can imagine I’m not the only one who relies on a little caffeine in order to be a functioning human being. That likely explains why so much impressive work gets done here. Cogo provides so many awesome perks showing how much employees are valued and cared about. What better way to make work a place where people are happy and comfortable each day? Maybe you’re not a huge coffee fan, but I guarantee something in the kitchen will get you even more excited to come to work than you already were—perhaps the kombucha keg, or the fridge stocked with any flavor of seltzer you could possibly think of. Don’t get me started on listing all of the snacks available at your fingertips. For some, it’s likely the beer kegs. Pick your poison and go nuts, I certainly did. Needless to say, Cogo hooks it up.

Awesome Coworkers

Without a doubt, everybody at Cogo is awesome. I’ve been #blessed to meet so many friendly, supportive, hardworking, and fun people – and I’m not just saying that to be nice. From day one, I was welcomed by such friendly people and immediately felt comfortable, making a huge impact on how the rest of my time here went. Being surrounded by people who want to succeed and want you to succeed is not something you can find everywhere and, in my opinion, is a huge daily motivator.

As a rapidly growing company, driven and team-oriented individuals are constantly coming onboard. Working with people you genuinely get along with makes an enormous impact on your overall attitude towards your job (an even bigger difference than free coffee.) I love the recruiting field because I get to help find more people we’re all excited about working with. I know I am not the only Cogo employee with a team he or she can count to brighten his or her day with slacks of cute puppies, an excessive amount of giphys, and some pretty hilarious stories. Shout out to my team, Talent & Culture, for making this summer awesome. You guys are the real MVPs.

Summer 2018 interns and former interns who are now current employees!

Cogo Cruise (& other fun events)

It’s no question that people work very hard at Cogo, but that hard work is matched with a ton of opportunities to have fun with your coworkers. From quarterly team outings, Womxn’s Dinner, Covergence, intern events like the Red Sox game, and my personal favorite, Cogo Cruise, the opportunities to spend time together are everywhere.

Every year, Cogo employees are rewarded for their hard work with a day of delicious food, drinks, sun, and karaoke out on Boston Harbor. I never thought I would be harmonizing to Twist & Shout with a bunch of my coworkers, but I was pleasantly surprised with my sudden desire to share my terrible musical abilities with all of Cogo. Cogo Cruise, described by some as “better than Christmas,” definitely met the high expectations set by everyone early on in the summer. It was my favorite memory of the summer.

Cogo Cruise 2018!

The perfect combination of mentorship & autonomy

Of course, benefits like coffee, snacks, free lunches, and fun team outings are great, but I promise I did some actual work too. My internship was extremely rewarding and provided the perfect combination of learning opportunities and independence. As a People Ops Intern, I was able to learn a wide range of things such as recruiting, onboarding processes, learning and development, and really anything else that I was interested in. The opportunity to learn more was endless.

Recruiting team riding to lunch in style!

When you intern here, you are not only able to learn from very talented coaches and mentors in order to develop your skills further, but also you are also able to own projects and gain a sense of ownership on a daily basis. I can’t express how much I valued this combination of autonomy and mentorship throughout this experience. With weekly 1-1 meetings with my managers and a collaborative work space, my questions were always answered and I always felt supported. At the same time, I was trusted to represent Cogo in the work I do. Some of my tasks included greeting candidates before interviews, coordinating interviews, assisting with company content, and many more. Even in my short time at Cogo, I felt like the work I did was valuable towards the company’s goals. Rather than doing meaningless mindless tasks, I was able to get my feet wet.

Looking back on my 10 weeks as a Cogonaut, I can honestly say that I learned much more than I ever thought possible. As excited as I am to be back to school for my senior year at Holy Cross, I am already looking forward to next summer when I re-join Cogo full-time as a Recruiting Coordinator.

If this sounds like the ideal summer internship for you too, apply here! We’re always looking for driven and enthusiastic people to join our team. And who knows - I just might be the one greeting you for your interview when I come back!

Talent & Culture Team Outing to Kimball Farm

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