VentureFizz recently ran an interview and profile with our CEO, Mira Wilczek, as part of their ongoing Lead(Her) series.

Mira Wilczek incubating ideas at Cogo Labs

Mira originally joined Cogo as an Entrepreneur In Residence. Her plan was to dig around in our data, learn about our technology, and come up with a startup idea of her own that she could build with our platform and spin out from the incubator. But she quickly discovered that she was more drawn to the unique way our incubator is run:

“As I got more interested in the process Cogo had created, I told senior management I was having a hard time choosing one idea to pursue. What I found most fascinating was the platform itself--this combination of technology and big data that represented a completely different way of thinking about entrepreneurship. They asked me to become a partner and I eventually took over running the incubator and that’s where I am today.”

To learn more about Mira's path from MIT grad to ethical hacker to entrepreneur to CEO, click through to read the full profile on VentureFizz. And while you're there check out our Bizzpage to see a tour of our office space and learn more about our mission!

And if you want to be part of Cogo team, check our our Careers page to see our job openings in Analytics, Engineering, and Design.

Mira high-fiving her dog, Dee.