In the same way that we sit through spring in New England dreaming of summer (perhaps to validate why we trekked so hard to make it through the winter...), those of us at Cogo Labs have been long awaiting more than just the sunshine and warm weather. Things have finally come into full bloom in our orbit and we want to share the buzz with the rest of the world. We recently completed an expansion of our offices, doubling our footprint in One Kendall Square. Now that it’s finally nice out, we thought we should open the blinds, let the sunlight in, and show you how it looks!

A view from the 2nd floor of the office

The new space is more open, for greater collaboration, but with plenty of room in between desks, which makes it a more relaxed atmosphere, where you can have conversations without bothering your neighbors/friends/fellow minds. The office also features plenty of informal meeting areas, exposed brick with floor-to-ceiling windows, and dangerously comfortable couches.

The upstairs meeting space

Although our work space and office culture are amazing, we’re lucky to have many reasons not to hang out at the office. Being in Kendall Square means that we’re surrounded by fantastic bars and restaurants, many of which have insanely enjoyable outdoor space too.  Flat Top Johnny’s recently re-opened its doors with a fresh new face, with Beantowne Coffee House, Belly Wine Bar and The Blue Room quickly coming close to remodeling completion too (it’s not like we’re looking out the window every day to see if Belly’s summer grill set-up is almost ready or anything). State Park, Cambridge Brewing Company & The Friendly Toast are often delicious additions to our day as well – from new employee lunches to team outings to EOD get-togethers. And decisions about where to meet are only getting more difficult because The Smoke Shop, a BBQ joint next to CBC, and what might easily be considered Jewish deli heaven, Mamaleh’s, will both be joining us soon too. It could almost be time to come up with a systematic solution or to create some sort of algorithmic tool to assist us with choosing where to feast… but then again our fully stocked kitchen and catered Friday lunches relieve a lot of that pressure.

Cogo Labs is home to a number of companies who share our space--the portfolio companies currently under incubation, like Contrast and UpLift, as well as our parent company, Link Ventures, & the newly-formed Vestigo Ventures. It’s a buzzing place that’s not only fueled by great food and ideas, but thrives on a strong community, both internally and within Kendall Square.

We prioritize happiness and hard work and want our employees to have every resource to do just that. If this all sounds like your kind of space and speed, we recommend taking advantage of these long summer days by keeping an eye on our open positions and coming over for a visit when you get the chance.