Our summers in Boston are short but, oh, so sweet. To capitalize on every moment of beautiful weather, Cogo colleagues put an emphasis on getting outside and staying active. It seems like there's a Slack channel for pretty much all interests at Cogo, especially opportunities to stay active and healthy! Check out some of our Slack channels that encourage collaboration and camaraderie through wellness.


Over the weekend our Outing Club went on a weekend camping trip in the White Mountains on Mount Lafayette. The trip consisted of multiple summits, over eight hours of hiking, and lots of great bonding with colleagues.


Yes, we have a Slack channel for smoothie making and recipes. Our kitchen is well equipped with berries, fruit, chia seeds, and over three different varieties of milk (including Oat Milk, of course). We’re so passionate about healthy eating that we have our own “Cogo Cookbook” with recipes employees submitted (many are original recipes!).


This year Cogo competed in our first JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. The Corporate Challenge is 3.5-mile road race focused on “promoting fitness, camaraderie, and teamwork for employees at local businesses and organizations." Our team of 13 ran through the streets of Boston to help raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital while cheering everyone on through the finish.

Boston JP Morgan Challenge 2019


We’re not only lucky to be centered in the heart of Kendall Square, but we also have an office space equipped with a complimentary onsite gym for employees! Even though it's Summer and the days are longer, our employees are still busy and don’t always have time to get to the gym. At Cogo you don’t have to sacrifice sleep for your sweat sesh, just come in early and get it done!


We have a slack channel dedicated to promoting wellness and supporting wellness initiatives or endeavors. Curious if kombucha is actually good for you? Ask our wellness group. Are you looking for the best local running loop? Ask our wellness group. (Although we highly recommend running from our office along the Charles River Esplanade). Want to know the best chiropractor in Cambridge? Well, we think you get the idea.


Because the 3.5 miles wasn’t enough, we have a team running a half marathon together this Fall! With such a perfectly centralized office location, it’s only fits that the running loops in the area have inspired training for longer races. Coworkers at Cogo are always looking to go for runs with each other, take workout classes together, and even be accountability partners when in a workout slump.

If you’re interested in joining such an active, excited company, click the link below to apply for one of our open roles! We look forward to hearing from you soon!