October was full of excitement for Cogo Labs. The Red Sox won the World Series and we hosted out first ever in-house networking event, “CogoConnect: From Classroom to Boardroom”.

We opened our doors to upcoming and recent college graduates for an intimate discussion regarding Cogo Labs, as well as life outside of the classroom. Our invited guests were given the opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of Cogo employees including our friendly neighborhood CEO, Mira Wilczek, members of the Cogo team, and others from around the incubator.

During the fireside chat and Q&A, Cogo employees talked about their journeys post-graduation, how they got to where they are today, and gave the advice they wish they'd gotten as they entered their first jobs.

Anne Beckett started as an Analyst at Cogo and is now the President and COO of launched travel company, Hopjump. Anne said this on starting and growing her career (quickly!) at Cogo, “If you come in and want to have an impact, you have the opportunity to do that. And if you then prove that you’re having an impact, you get even more opportunities very quickly.” Anne is the perfect role model for the "what you put in is what you get out" mentality at Cogo.

Attendees were also lucky enough to hear John McGeachie, Chief Strategy Officer & SVP of Business Operations, speak about his career journey and how he has been able to contribute to the growth of Cogo Labs. John started off as a consultant in the technology industry before moving to Cogo Labs where he leads our engineering, account management, and facilities teams. John is an integral part of Cogo Labs on all fronts and has a big part in making sure everything goes smoothly and that we, and our verticals, keep growing at the pace at which we intend to grow.  

If you want to advance quickly in your career, John says, "Be really good at your core competencies. Take responsibility for the work you’re doing and be really excited about excelling at it." This commitment to getting things done - and well - will take you far on your career path.

What a crew at CogoConnect!

Another great example of how much you can truly grow in your professional career at Cogo is Brendan Mahoney, Director of Incubation Strategy and the leader of incubating team, Minerva Analytics. Like Anne, Brendan also started as an Analyst right out of college and in just shy of 7 years Brendan grew his career to lengths that take most individuals well over a decade.

Transitioning from an academic environment to a professional one can be an adjustment, but just because you're out of the classroom doesn't mean that learning stops. Since joining Cogo, Brendan says, "I’ve been able to learn at a pace that I never have before and that’s life changing." We have so many resources dedicated to learning and development, a culture of curiosity, and colleagues that will readily help you learn a new skill or technology.  

Cogo Labs is dedicated to not only growing companies, but careers as well. We know we're biased, but we can't think of a better place to kick off your own professional journey. We'll leave you with one last thought from Brendan -  “Be really honest with yourself with what success means for you. Figure out where you want to be in your career and works towards that. There are so many definitions of success out there, and you have to define yours.”

If Cogo Labs is a place where you can be successful, we'd love to hear from you. Find our open jobs and apply here. We hope to meet you soon!