Mira  Wilczek Joins Kendall Square Association Board

The area is ripe with opportunity for budding and established entrepreneurs and innovators - and Cogo Labs’ CEO is proof of that. Please join us in congratulating Cogo Labs CEO Mira Wilczek on her appointment to the Board of the Kendall Square Association (KSA),  an organization dedicated to continuing to build Kendall Square as an epicenter for innovation. A long-time member of the Kendall Square community, Mira’s reputation and experience incubating and spinning out revenue-positive businesses brings a fresh perspective  to the organization that will help expand the growth that is well underway -- including the tremendous growth we’re experiencing at Cogo Labs.

Optimizing  opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs For Mira,  the most pressing component of the KSA mission is to attract ambitious and driven individuals to Kendall Square by providing them the type of opportunities that will make them want to stay in the area. She has already put this into action as CEO of Cogo Labs  and Managing Director at Link Ventures, parent and venture arm of Cogo Labs. Kendall Square has been home to 9 companies that have spun out from Cogo Labs and Link Ventures, including currently  EverQuote (Nasdaq: EVER) and Hopjump (Mira is on the board of both) and Minerva as well as Jobcase,  which recently announced $100 million in growth equity funding. This is only the beginning -- Mira plans to launch 30+ more companies in the area over the next two to five years, leveraging Cogo Labs’ data-driven approach to innovation. “There’s  truly no where else in the world quite like Kendall Square,” said Mira. “The convergence of talent, culture, and infrastructure make this place special and well-positioned to change the world -- both in the Greater Boston Area, as well as in communities around  the globe. I admire the work KSA does to make this neighborhood even more incredible. I’m thrilled to join their board and to continue to build up Kendall Square as a powerhouse of innovation and opportunity.”

Expanding  on Cogo Labs’ success in Kendall SquareMira’s  tight-knit professional and personal connection to the area made joining KSA’s board an easy decision. KSA’s mission, to build partnerships and tell Kendall Square's story of transformation from an industrial center to a global innovation hub, perfectly aligns  with the work Mira and the team at Cogo Labs does. Mira has publicly committed to build dozens of companies, further establishing the future of work in the heart of Kendall Square. She recognizes the potential for success and opportunity, not only for our  incubator companies, but for all entrepreneurs. As part  of the KSA Board, Mira will continue to accelerate talent and empower entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and resource pools, mirroring her mission at Cogo Labs. Since becoming CEO, Cogo Labs’ staff is now 50 percent female and in the last two years has increased  the number of female first-time managers to 50 percent.

Mira Wilczek being inducted as a Kendall Square Association board member

Continuing  to fuel innovation Mira has  been a fixture in the Kendall Square community since she was 17 years old pursuing her undergraduate degree at MIT. After graduation she went on to work for IBM and then attended graduate school at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. In what has been dubbed  “the most innovative square mile on the planet,” Mira has earned two degrees from MIT and successfully exited four companies across three industries. “We’re  on a journey as an innovation district to expedite the rate of change and grow our community,” said Sarah Gallop, chairman of the board. “As a veteran of the area, Mira has deep experience and connections within Kendall Square and we’re excited for her to  bring her valuable perspective to our board of directors.”To learn  more about KSA and the work Mira will be supporting, visit https://www.kendallsq.org/ksa/.