If you're considering a career in UI/UX design, you'll want to know what a typical day looks like for Senior UI/UX Designer here at Cogo! To provide some insight into the challenges, goals and projects that make up the day-to-day life of a designer, Elizabeth Burg talks us through her typical working day.

Let's hear from Liz:

9:50 (ish): Liz leaves her house in order to make it to the office around 10am. Since Cogo is located in the heart of Kendall Square, and within walking distance to her house, her commute is just a short 10 minute walk away!

10:00 am: Liz arrives at Cogo and immediately heads into our kitchen to prepare her morning hot water with lemon and honey and breakfast. After getting back to her desk, she starts by checking her Slack (office oriented communication app) and her email. This allows her to follow up on any projects that are ongoing and gives her the opportunity to provide quick and early feedback to other designers.

10:30 am: Liz will have a morning check-in with other designer and engineers on her team to see if there are any time sensitive projects or concerns. This also serves as time for the team to let everyone know what they're working on and any challenges they might be having. Liz uses this morning check-in to evaluate what she’s going to work on for the day and what tasks she’ll plan out for the rest of her week.

11:30 am: Liz leaves the team meeting to conduct user interviews to redesign internal tools that are proprietary to Cogo Labs. Since these internal tools are being used by strictly Cogo employees, Liz sets up these interviews to better understand the needs of our employees, so she's cognizant of what features she comes up with to meet those needs. Since all of the users of these applications and tools are her colleagues, it makes it easy for Liz to connect with and interview users for troubleshooting and improvements.

One tool that Liz has been working on developing is our Synchro application. This tool allows for our company to provide transparency on weekly tasks and what we’re doing to accomplish our personal, team and company goals!

In order to organize her thoughts around each user interview, Liz uses design principles to create an easy to read, aesthetically pleasing “Interview Board’ to organize the various types of comments she receives from interviews. Below is an example of what this tool looks like.

Liz uses this to organize the feedback that she receives about our internal tools here at Cogo.

Okay, now let’s break for lunch!

12:00 pm: Liz describes herself as a “scavenger for lunch”, where she will scavenge the Cogo kitchen to make a full meal. She says she really likes to get creative, making an avocado toast one day, and a pizza the next. (And yes, all the ingredients can be found in our kitchen). She usually eats in the lounge or the kitchen with whomever is there.

1:00 pm: Liz will conduct another interview to inform her more about any necessary changes or updates to our internal tools. Between each interview, she will take all of the qualitative data from her interviews and puts them into the “Interview Board”  and analyzes this data to find patterns and suggestions for ways to continuously make improvements.

2:00 pm: The entire web engineering team will meet once a week to provide any major updates. This gives Liz and the rest of her team transparency in their work and a great opportunity to have weekly croissants brought in by their team manager. Liz loves this aspect of her job, since the designers at Cogo work closely with engineers to research and create projects together!

3:00 pm: Liz will head over to the kitchen to make a green tea, which helps reenergize her for the rest of the day.

For the remainder of the day, Liz can be found completing various projects that she’s working on. Liz describes designer role here at Cogo as “unique, because it’s a hybrid of many things. As designers we wear a lot of different hats since there are UI, UX, and visual design elements to the job. When making a site we start with user research which informs the features and wireframes, which then inform the specs and high-fidelity mockups. We get to do this for both internal applications as well as external facing sites. In addition, for these external sites we also get to design their logos and branding". She said she enjoys wearing many hats because it gives her the opportunity to “flex a bunch of different muscles and use both sides of your brain, which is pretty unique to designers at Cogo. We dive into the front-end code and I’m not solely designing day-to-day”.

Liz recently presented at our monthly company meeting about the benefits of traveling alone and exploring the world and is part of our amazing web engineering team here at Cogo! If you’re interested in joining our web engineering team, head to our careers page, https://www.cogolabs.com/careers

The Web Engineering team mini golfing together