"As racial injustice in the workplace continues to come to light, it’s more important than ever to implement strategies that eliminate biases and drive meaningful change."

This week, BuiltIn Boston featured Cogo Labs' VP of People, Mike Brown, to discuss the need for unconscious bias training at work.

A Holistic Approach

Mike dove into the importance of unconscious bias training through the lens of an intentional and holistic approach.

"As part of Cogo Labs’ holistic approach to diversity, equity and belonging, and preventing or perpetuating any discrimination or harassment, we have chosen to conduct unconscious and implicit bias training coupled with inclusive and structured interview training." -Mike Brown

In his interview with BuiltIn, Mike emphasizes that unconscious bias training isn't a "magic solution to everything, but it's a great start". Cogo conducts unconscious and implicit bias training as a requirement for anyone interview candidates to make sure that we're finding ways to all put our biases in check.

"Our goal is to create an inclusive culture where our diverse team is encouraged to bring their whole self to work, enabling them to create maximum impact on the company.” -Mike Brown

Link to the full article to dig a bit deeper into the strategies for tackling unconscious bias in the workplace!

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