Hey everyone,

We know it's been a while. We took some time off, but now we're getting back in the game and have some new content coming your way. So, let's get you caught up on a few things you've missed:

  1. We've hired 57 new full-time employees and 14 interns so far this year. That's a LOT of fun facts to learn - one employee worked on an archaeological dig in Alaska, another worked in a theoretical quantum computation lab, and another is a former Emergency Room Technician. We have musicians who play piano and guitar, dancers, scuba divers, mountain climbers, equestrians, sailors, and skiers. Want to be a part of this impressive group? Check out our current open jobs here.
Our June 6th Class on their first day!

2. We had an IPO! EverQuote, which was started at Cogo, began trading publicly in June. It was an incredibly exciting day for everyone and we're so proud of the hard work that went into making this a reality. Learn more about it below.

EverQuote Founders Talk IPO Fever, Journey from Biotech to Insurance

3. We got out there. We kayaked, played soccer, and did the Tough Mudder. Two of our Cogopals even ran the Boston Marathon! We cheered on Mike Perry and Brian Frake in the cold rain as they both crossed the finish line. We also got to put their faces on t-shirts which was the best.

We've been busy! We're excited to get you caught up on everything else that's been going on. So, welcome back. We've missed you all!