Movin' on up: Minerva Analytics says goodbye to its old ground-floor office space at Cogo Labs.

In early April, Minerva Analytics officially launched out of the Cogo Labs incubator where President and CEO Brendan Mahoney (alongside founding team members Brian Frake, Nate Reznicek, P.K. Considine, and Connor Taylor) began using Cogo’s extensive data warehouse in early 2017.  The company produces scalable, content-driven websites and applications built on the back of years of accumulated market data and user research.  Minerva’s media properties at launch include Quizhive, FoodIsle, and Workout Club.

We caught up with Brendan about the news and asked him to finish a few thought-starters (in boldface) on this momentous occasion.  Here’s what he had to share.

Minerva Analytics President and CEO Brendan Mahoney

Minerva is... a new generation of data-driven media brands.

Our mission is... to connect people with content and, in the process, each other.

I’m thrilled about... the team we have already signed on to crush this mission.

We’re ready to... be a part of your daily routine within the next 3 years.

The best part about this is... we'll get to meet all sorts of cool people who interact with us on a daily basis.

For Minerva, this means... that our content and offerings will only get better.

Cogo has been... the most valuable strategic partner we could have asked for.

The future holds... a lot of learning about ourselves, in addition to learning about our audience.

We couldn't have done it without... our support network, and about 500 gallons of cold brew coffee.

My biggest piece of advice is... always have a plan and something you're working towards.

Cheers to... the Minerva team and our brand new office!

Minerva leaders gather at their first executive offsite to discuss high-level strategy and company culture.

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