In honor of Pride Month, we're taking time to reflect on how Cogo is an inclusive, supportive, and affirming space for people of all identities. Here at Cogo, we understand that much like the LGBTQ+ community, everyone here is intersectional, diverse, and continuously evolving. We're committed to not only walking the (Pride parade) walk but providing a safe space, free of discrimination and bias throughout our entire organization.

Womxn's Dinner - Each month, we host a dinner or activity for anyone in the office that identifies as woman or female in a way that is significant to them. These dinners serve as an opportunity to discuss issues surrounding discrimination, advancement in the workplace, and how we can all reduce our own internal bias while having fun and getting to know each other.

Below is a quote from our Senior HR Business Partner, Kelly McDonald, expressing how Womxn's dinners have played an integral part of her feeling supported and valued while at work.

The shift from Women's to Womxn's dinner - Our Womxn's dinners have evolved through thoughtful leaders and progressive thinkers at Cogo. While once advertised as a Women's dinner, PK Considine, Senior DevOps Engineer at Cogo portfolio company Minerva Analytics, proposed a title change to make these monthly dialogues even more inclusive. Below, PK goes into detail on how their push for change was so well received by our President and CEO, Mira Wilczek.

Cogo Spectra- Cogo Spectra is our LGBTQ+ affinity group here at Cogo. The mission of Spectra is to be a supportive and affirming space for LGBTQIA+ people to work. The goal is to foster an inclusive environment of affirmation through acts of service, community events, recruiting outreach, and active dialogue about the unique challenges facing LGBTQ+ people in the workplace. Learn more about Cogo Spectra in our previous blog post.

These groups help to remove stigma and bias that surround specific identities in our society. One of our UI/UX Designers, Julia Bujalski, reflects on how both Cogo Spectra and our Womxn's Dinners have cultivated an encouraging environment and help to acknowledge all of our non-linear identities.

Additionally, at Cogo, we recognize that inclusivity and fostering an affirming work environment start from the top down. Cogo and our portfolio companies are proud to support employees from all backgrounds and identities. CEO and President of Minerva Analytics, Brendan Mahoney, comments on how Cogo Spectra provides a space for LGBTQ+ employees to feel represented, even when at smaller sized organizations.

We're proud to continue to cultivate and emphasize a culture where employees don't have to suppress who they are, where they come from, or what they believe in. We genuinely do "Welcome all who welcome all." To join our evolving, inclusive workplace, click the link below to apply for one of our open roles!