124 years ago - Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament, giving the largest share of his fortune to a series of prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace.

118 years ago - The Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine were first awarded.

38 years ago - Erling Norrby became chairman of the Nobel Assembly

9 Years ago - Erling Norrby published the book Nobel Prizes and Life Sciences, tracing the strengths and weaknesses of the Nobel system.

1 Week ago - Erling Norrby came to Cogo Labs for an interview on his experience on the Nobel Prize Committee and how the prizes have evolved.

Erling Norrby, Board Member of the Nobel Foundation

A former professor of virology and chairman at the Karolinska Institute of Medicine, Stockholm, Erling Norrby (link), has been a critical Board member of the Nobel Foundation for 22 years. Currently at the Center for the History of Sciences at the Royal Swedish Academy, Norrby has written four book, the most recent outlining the progression of the Nobel Prizes. Norrby also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the J. Craig Venter Institute.

A long-time friend of John Wener, our Chief Network Officer and SVP Corporate Development, Norrby came to Cogo Labs last week to discuss the contemporary relevance of the Nobel Prizes and what some of the significant qualifiers are for a Nobel Prize winner. Cogo employees were given the opportunity to ask Norrby questions about his experience, the future of the prize, and much more!

MacCalvin Romain, Manager, Vertical Support with Erling Norrby

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