Similarly to incubating new companies at Cogo, the Talent & Culture team supports employees at every stage of their career at Cogo. Our multi-faceted team is there for everyone through the application process, to onboarding, promotions, and celebrating all of the small wins in between. The focus of the Talent & Culture team is to interview and hire incredible Cogopreneurs, while also building a great employee experience internally through development and growth opportunities.

Read below to learn more about the all the people people that make Cogo a great place to work!

Mike Brown, VP of People, Cogo Labs
"As VP of People at Cogo, I get to wear many hats; executive, partner and advisor to all, people program strategist, alignment creator, therapist, cultural sherpa, and chief ambassador. I focus on aligning culture to business strategy and implementing programs that support employee experience in order to attract and retain top talent. My goal is to ensure that all of our employees have an amazing experience, feel welcomed from the first glance, receive the development and support they need to grow, are treated equitable, and have access to unique opportunities that will accelerate their careers. My passion is building high functioning teams, creating envious employer brands, and opportunity creation (notice I didn’t say problem solving 😉?) ."
Amalie Tinus, Talent Coordinator, Cogo Labs
"Though I work under the TA umbrella, my role has a foot in both TA and HR. I am responsible for being the bridge for candidates as they move through the interview process into becoming new hires at Cogo Labs! I work to improve and build out our candidate experience as well as our onboarding process and other special projects for TA and HR.
I love my job because I get to meet every new face at the company and have a chance to help a lot of different folks have the best experience possible at Cogo Labs!"
Pete Capodilupo, HR Business Partner
"Hey, my name's Pete Capodilupo, and I'm the HR Business Partner at Cogo Labs. Since Cogo is the central hub for our growing vertical companies, I have the opportunity to serve as a primary HR partner for Cogo, Minerva, Hopjump, and CareDash. This includes building and maintaining performance management structures, employee perk programs, benefits management, employee relations, and employee engagement initiatives. I love what I do since; ultimately, my work's goal is to better our collective professional environment, ensuring that everyone is comfortable, safe, and supported in the work they do every day."
Michelle Douglas, Senior Recruiter, Cogo Labs
"I focus on bringing in the best talent to support our growth towards 30 companies in our portfolio. I mainly focus on supporting our senior-level hires in Analytics and Engineering and have recently Partnered with the T&C team to develop a new Interview Training, “Hiring the Cogo Labs Way”. Our jobs and careers often play a big part of our journey and it’s rewarding to help people find the right match! I love what I do because of the connections I get to develop both internally at Cogo and with candidates! Jobs and careers make up a big piece of our journey and it’s  rewarding to help people find the right match and career growth opportunities!"
Olivia O'Connor, People Operations Manager, CareDash
"I manage all things HR from talent acquisition to employee experience and culture. I contribute to the continued success of CareDash by building talented, cohesive teams with our managers and ensuring that all our teammates have the support necessary to thrive both personally and professionally. What’s most rewarding in my role is championing our team to do and be their best each day as we work together to make healthcare more accessible and transparent."
Braden Marstaller, Brand Marketing Coordinator, Cogo Labs
"I manage all of our employer branding efforts at Cogo. These initiatives range from content creation, to social media management, and supporting our recruiting and retention goals.In addition toour branding, I started ourDiversity, Equality, and Belonging Council at Cogo. The best part of my job is sharing the stories about thepeople atCogo, allowing everyone to express themselves through our blog, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles. Building greater ambassadorship is the best!"
Shannon Mills, Recruiter, Minerva Analytics
"I am the Recruiter for Minerva Analytics. I’ve also had the opportunity to take on some HR responsibilities which is really exciting! In my time at Minerva, I’ve helped hire and onboard over half of our staff. I find the most rewarding part of my job is being able to work closely with people I helped through the recruiting process and see them crush it in their day to day. I’m really proud of the people that we hire and love to see them develop and grow into successful employees."
Alex McGeachie, Recruiter, Cogo Labs
"As a Recruiter on the Talent Acquisition team at Cogo Labs, I focus on bringing tech talent to Cogo. I work closely with both the Engineering and Analytics teams to ensure a smooth hiring process and help grow their orgs. I love getting to connect with so many excited and talented candidates and see them come in and crush it at Cogo!"
Sasha Yershov, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Cogo Labs
"I lead a phenomenal team of Recruiters and I could not be any happier.
My team makes me so proud with their willingness to constantly jump in and try new things or lend a hand. We are small team and we are building process and establishing efficiencies in preparation for the next chapter in Cogo Labs. I am not sure which one I like more, the processes or finding great talent, either way I am excited for the future."

The Cogo Labs Talent & Culture team is currently hiring! Click the link below to join our growing team and contribute to our inclusive, collaborative, and data-driven team!