I sat down with Emily Hannon, our Talent Acquisition Team Lead to talk about her journey at Cogo and how she’s taken advantage of the opportunities for growth we have here. Emily began her career at Cogo as a Recruiting Coordinator, and after just six months, transitioned into a full-time recruiter, shortly followed by a promotion to her current managerial role.

What really drew you to Cogo Labs when you initially applied for the Recruiting Coordinator role?

“The opportunity for growth and development was one thing that really interested me when I came here. Looking back had I not come to Cogo, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now [a Talent Acquisition Team Lead].”

What were your responsibilities and top priorities in your role as a Recruiting Coordinator?

“I ensured a positive candidate experience, coordinated everything for our recruiter and hiring managers while working with the recruiter to see how we could improve the hiring process. “

After 6 months in this role, Emily jumped into actively interviewing and getting on the phone with candidates. She was responsible for maintaining the logistics of recruiting at Cogo and being a support and building relationships with all of the hiring managers here.

How did your responsibilities shift when you took on the role of a Recruiter?

Emily took on all of the responsibilities as a Coordinator but was also actively recruiting and sourcing candidates each day. She continuously built stronger relationships with hiring managers and making sure everyone was involved in the process. She was held accountable for a lot more as a recruiter, and had to make sure she was hitting targets, getting qualified candidates through the door and getting more involved with campus recruiting and building relationships with schools in the Boston area.

How did you priorities shift as you transitioned to being a Recruiter?

Emily said that, “one major shift in my priorities was when I redefined the recruiting process here at Cogo, really from scratch. We implemented a whole new applicant tracking system that allowed us to become much more data-driven. We use data to identify roadblocks to see where we’re excelling and see where we need improvements.”

When did you start making the transition from a Recruiter to a Talent Acquisition Team Lead?

“When we started scaling and identified we had to hire over 100 people, we needed a bigger recruiting team (it was just me) and a stronger recruiting function. We hired a Coordinator to help with logistics while I was hiring and building an efficient recruiting machine.

Emily transitioned into a more managerial role once Cogo had a recruiting Coordinator and saw a lot of progress with the recruiting team. We then hired an additional recruiter and an intern, so then as a lead, she was managing a team of three people with two recruiters and a Recruiting Coordinator."

Emily’s current top priorities are hiring for Senior level talent, looking into the recruiting funnel data to identify roadblocks, managing her team to help execute on goals, and continuing to build an efficient recruiting function to support Cogo as we scale. She’s also constantly working to improve interview training while spearheading new projects as well.

What’s the best part about being a part of the talent and culture team at Cogo?

“The best part is supporting the growth of the company. It's both fun and challenging! As a leader on the recruiting team, it’s truly amazing seeing how far we’ve come but also incredible knowing what we’re capable of in continuing to scale Cogo. We’ve invested a tremendous amount in the Talent and Culture Team, including a Learning and Development Manager. Building teams while supporting their growth and development is something that myself and the team value. Not only that, but having a direct impact on that growth while maintaining a positive Cogo environment is super rewarding."

What’s your favorite company outing of the year?

“The Cogo Cruise – we take a Friday off of work on a sunny (hopefully) summer day. We cruise around the Boston harbor on a pretty awesome boat for four hours, most of us crushing karaoke. You know you had a good time if you go home with a sunburn.”

When and where is your next vacation?

“I’m going to Europe for the first time! I’ll be traveling to Barcelona in March and Ireland in April. I’m actually going to Barcelona with coworkers, which really speaks to the close-knit community we have here.”

“I also planned a trip to Punta Cana in February with my mom as a way to give back for the endless support growing up.”

Lastly, what advice would you give for anyone looking for a job here at Cogo?

“Don’t be afraid to be creative and share your perspective. We’re a really collaborative and flexible environment that encourages everyone to use their creativity. I would also tell someone to be comfortable being uncomfortable. At some point you’re going to say to yourself ‘I’ve never done this before’ or ‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ At Cogo, we see this as a learning opportunity to push yourself past your comfort zone. The best part is that the culture here provides mentorship and supportive co-workers to guide you along the way.”

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