In 2020 it seemed like everything was changing, including the way we work and how we're equipped to work. Cogo has offered employees transportation benefits for years, that enables everyone to choose their form of transportation to the office (ie; our 24/7 parking garage, monthly T-Pass, or the commuter rail). As the way and where we work changes, our perks and benefits have adapted to meet people (literally) where they are.

We've partnered with Compt, an employee stipend software that allocated a monthly stipend to everyone at Cogo to decide where, how, and on what they spend their money. Immediately after rolling out this new program we've already seen Cogopreneurs take advantage of their new benefit. Check out some of the ways Compt has enhanced the lives of everyone at Cogo!

Navid Sharifi, Senior Manager, Analytics has leveraged his new monthly stipend to pay off his student loans, and looks to make the most of his future monthly stipends for donations, continuing education, and more!

Senior Account Manager, Claire Jiang has made use of her Compt stipend by enhancing her new work from home office space!

Software Engineer, Hunter Warburton, purchased a new monitor with his allocated budget. Simultaneously, Emily Ehrnschwender loves the personalization of the new perk and leverages her budget to make student loan payments.

Senior Software Engineer, Jim Calabro continues to make use of the 24/7 parking garage near the office (which especially pays off during the snowy New England months). While Senior Manager, Analytics, Andrew Johnson's dog will be reaping the reward of our new perk!

All Cogopreneurs will continue to receive monthly Compt stipends that they can spend on anything from home office equipment, groceries, health and fitness, continued education, travel, and more!

To learn more about our perks, benefits, and open roles, click the link below!

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